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Oct, 6th 1943

Statement concerning plans for work.

Out of the discovery of the magnetic ions in general, that is bodies which move in constant homogeneous magnetic fields reversing their direction of movement with a reversal of this field, follows the existence of the Magnetic Current. In the same way as the hypothesis of the Electric Current has been founded chiefly on three facts: The existence of electric ions, the decomposition of water into oxygen and hydrogen electroleticly, and the deflection of a magnetic needle identically with the circulation of the single magnetic pole around the constant electric current, I have founded the proof of the existence of the Magnetic Current on the three following facts: The existence of magnetic ions, the decomposition of water in the oxygen and hydrogen through the magnet (Magnetolysis) and the circulation of a single electrostatic charge around the constant Magnetic Current.

It could be observed that gas bubbles as well as solid bodies charged electrically positive or negative, move in circles around the magnetic current simultaneously in opposite directions, each of them reversing its direction of motion with a reversal of the magnetic field.

Just as the line integral of the magnetic force defines a intensity of the electric current, (Oersted, Ampere), the line integral of the electrical force defines the intensity of the magnetic current. Therefore the electro- dynamic equations must be extended to include the terms of magnetic current.

Half a century ago three physicists, scientific workers on the frontier of knowledge, Joseph Stefan in Vienna, Heinrich Hertz in Bonn, and all Oliver Heaviside in London, have expressed their ideas about the possible existence of magnetic Current. The experimental proofs have been furnished by me now using sufficiently sensitive means which enabled me to measure forces down to ten to the negitive ten dynes.

The project has as its special aim to make futher research about the ponderomotive forces of feilds upon matter and so on...

The way of proceeding will be: Investigation of movements of microscopic and sub microscopic test bodies in gases or vacuis in homogeneous resp. electric fields, applying each of those fields separately, secondly parallel to each other, thirdly perpendicular to each other, with and without light.

The investigation ofMagnetolysis and Electrolysis by means of a microscope.

Writing a book: "The Magnetic Current", to give a broad view about this new way in electro dynamics.

Of course I am ready and will be very glad to give any information desired as well as to demonstrate the present state of experiments to be one of your delegates. I have reconstructed my apparatus New York , C. Zeiss, inc.(Fifth Avenue 485) U.S.A. government, where I enjoyed the hospitality and have the facility to work on my own expenses.

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